SimRush Licence Inactive

There is a problem with your SimRush Licence. please contact your reseller.

Why am I seeing this?



The SimRush Product Licence gives you access to remote technical support for your devices, the newest features via updates and up-to-date security protection.

The purchase price of SimRush hardware includes a Software Activation Fee. 

The SimRush Product Licence is either monthly or annual and commences with the original purchase. Additional units can be added and are co-termed with hardware already on the licence. If the devices under licence need to be changed, for example after upgrade, this can be easily achieved and ensures all your devices remain fully supported.

Your reseller arranges your licence and needs to ensure licence payments are kept up to date to ensure your continual service.

It is possible payments for hardware or licence fees from your reseller have not been made. Please contact them for more details. 

Services can be resumed once the licence is updated.